Who we are

The cultural association ARTROVE ETS, duly registered in the Single Register of the National Third Sector (RUNTS), was born from the love of a family Ambrosino and all associated in regards to the art. 

The association is mainly concerned with the development and promotion of the Italian artistic heritage through the creation of exhibitions, exhibiting various works of art scattered in various museums in italy and not. 

The common interest of all the members, to touch with hand the immense artistic heritage of italy, breaking down the myth of the elitist character of the art-view too many times, as well as something unique and/or difficult to understand, has united us to make sure there is an approach concrete and reciprocal between the people and the art. Too many times we have been struck by the indifference of the people and the dryness of the soul in regards to the art, too little known and too often ill-treated by a world that leaves less and less space to the culture of the soul, because it was too much like the emptiness of its interior. 

The heart and the mind, binomial, characteristic of the man, should be sensitized to the beauty, the beauty, the art, eternal bearer of beauty in all its many facets, is the perfect vehicle to achieve this aim. 

Art is made by man for man, and no matter where you are, whether here, there or elsewhere, we want to ensure that you can enjoy it all, all the ones that you are here, you are there and that you are...


Thanks to the collaboration of the Ministry of Culture and in the various Italian museums, Artrove Ets plays in a manner faithful to the 100% to the original of the many works of art, in order to combine in one place the museums distant between them and us, with the hope that our exhibitions are an incentive to visit these museums to be able to admire the wonders to be found. 

The works for our travelling exhibitions are varied and continuously updated so as to guarantee circulation of the greater number of paintings and tables, all in the interest of the development of the Italian artistic heritage. 

With the help of exhibition panels, easels, carefully selected exhibition facilities and lighting system dedicated to enhance every single work of art, all our travelling exhibitions give you the space You choose the tone and charm of a real gallery of art, a real museum.